Cold plasma technology

Air and surface disinfection

Sustaining Our future

For solution in nowadays fights against viruses and other germs we developed complete state of art system.

In one of the leading german virus laboratories our equipments already showed of their leading technology.

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Room - and Surface desinfection with Cold Plasma

Product: PDU

The sterilization effect of CleanAir ColdPlasma is up to 200% stronger than that of chlorine and up to 150% stronger than that of hydrogen peroxide, also much stronger than ozone and even up to 180 times faster than ozone

Pathogenic viruses and bacteria is a burden of our time. Even if we know, that viruses and bacteria are important and life is impossible without them, new pathogenes, germs or their raising frequency of occurance is danger for for our health, agriculture, and sustainability of our global economy

Developed for airspace desinfection

Product: Plasmion

After converting atmospheric air into cold plasma, gases are mostly present in ionized form.

If gas molecules lose some of their electrons, these ions will pass the other particles through their electrical fields. Charges are distreated and electrons are flowing and pathogens will destroyed.

We don’t use any toxic chemicals at all. The residues produced in reaction to pathogens will disintegremay in that hundredth of a second.  This makes plasma treatment safe and environmentally friendly.

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Cold Plasma is a mixture of lower-energy gases. They consist of ionized molecules and electrons. These positive and negatively charged ion (therefore often referred to as ionizers) affect other particles through their electrical parts.

What is
Cold plasma technology?

What are the features and benefits of this technology?

Viruses are the most common, diverse and for us extreamly dangerous microbes on our planet. They are able to adapt to various environments and are found across all human ecosystems.

Kankyo in India has like only very few other companies many years experience in cold plasma, using it for never seen effective burning systems and waste technology and now also for desinfection.

Where to use this desinfection device?

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